Here are 5 Ways to Keep Your Teamwork Motivated
29 Mei 2023

Here are 5 Ways to Keep Your Teamwork Motivated

Employee motivation in the company is a very valuable thing. The performance that is carried out can have an impact on the company and also for yourself. Of course every company leader in the company wants employees to have a positive impact.

One that can influence this is motivation. Strong work motivation will improve the quality of work, and ultimately help to achieve targets in the company. 


There Are Many Ways to Keep Teamwork Motivated

Everyone must have experienced fatigue and boredom in completing daily work tasks and obligations. When there are more and more tasks and responsibilities, especially with tight deadlines, achieving targets often becomes a pressure for employees when working. Have you and your team experienced this? Conditions that are full of pressure or stress are quite risky. But, if managed properly, it turns out that pressure or stress actually has a positive impact. One of them is to maintain employee motivation. About how, we see in the following review.


  • Change Mindset about Work Motivation

Motivation does not appear by itself, but is closely related to mindset or mindset. It would be better if what we think about is how to make ourselves what we want. After we choose to do something, try not to think too much about how hard a job is. Instead of thinking about the difficulty or the goals that forced you to work hard, it's time to think about how good it was when you did it. In the end what is difficult looks easy. With this mindset, the impact will be felt along the career path.


  • Solve Problems Independently

Maintaining the motivation of the team that has been formed is one of the duties of every leader, regardless of position. If you are the leader for a team, create as much space as possible for your team to solve their own problems. You can provide support and guidance, but it's important to give employees confidence in finding their own solutions. That way, they'll know their skills and perspectives are valued.

  • Changing Working Hours

Is it possible to implement flexible working hours for employees? This of course depends on the type of business. Some types of work that can apply it, for example, do not meet clients and co-workers directly. There are also jobs that are not really related to the means of production within the company, are self-employed, or can be done from anywhere without the need for facilities from the office.

Changing working hours from bound to flexible can be an option to increase motivation. In reality, the productive hours of each employee are different. As long as working hours are met and targets are achieved, changing working hours to be flexible can also be done.


  • Appreciate Every Achievement

Every successful effort deserves to be appreciated and celebrated. It is not only big achievements that must be appreciated, but small achievements that are appreciated and celebrated will make employees more motivated in carrying out their daily roles.

In addition to annual or monthly goals, set up a system to track what your team is accomplishing each day or week. This can be done by referring to the KPI (Key Performance Indicator), because indeed every company needs KPIs in order to know the team's performance. Appreciation of accomplishments is also about understanding the challenges your team faces.

Regardless of the scale of your company, maintaining employee motivation is very important so that the company's targets are easier to achieve and remain happy at work. Employee motivation can be increased by many things, one of which is ease of administration. As we know that the digital era encourages professionals in many fields to be more innovative and of course more efficient at work.

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