Dream Big, Reach High, Take It Step by Step
27 Mar 2022

Dream Big, Reach High, Take It Step by Step

Dream is such a motivator; this is what I personally feel. I am writing this based on my personal experience, I live my days looking up to people who are more successful than me, wishing and dreaming one day I could reach there. As much as how jealous I look or some may think that envy is not a correct thing to maintain in one’s life, I consider the positive side of it in which it motivates me to keep waking up and deciding to be more productive each day, to reach my goal which is my dream. 

All of us have different dreams, different wishes to be precise and it is described in many formats. For instance, my dream car, my dream woman, my dream life, my dream house, my dream wedding, my dream birthday party, to some extent we are not sure even if such grammar is correct or such word exist. But yes, we all need those kinds of thoughts in order to visualize it and make it happen. Who makes it happen? Who makes our dreams come true? The dream itself. Without that dream, without that wish, comes no eagerness, comes no hard work, and comes no action at all. Agree?

How do we make things happen, how do we know which action to take in order to reach our dreams, how far are we allowed to dream? I have a simple answer for all this question which might help some of you realize your wishes, which is Dream Big, Reach High, Take it step by step..

The idea of making a wish or a dream is to have it big, there is no point in having a dream just to have a chocolate, as it will wake you up make you eat and then go back to bed, as simple as that. Lets dream big, for example, if you are currently going to work by public transport as you don’t have a car or a cycle at the moment, every time you see someone driving a Mercedes or BMW to work you wish you had the same, and you set yourself a goal that one day you want to be like him or her, that’s good that’s a big dream. Now to achieve that, if you keep on imagining that, and chasing that dream but for years you can’t reach that goal then you would be disappointed and give up. Giving up on your dreams means giving up on yourself, which is very bad in one’s life. Try to do it this way instead, set that dream like a long term goal which is in 5 years for instance, but one has to have a short term goal, what do you and can you achieve in 1 year time. Dream and goals are very much similar, it has to be measurable and possible. Let’s say you start with a small one in a one year you want to buy a motorcycle, calculate the expenses and savings you need to make in order to achieve that, and then measure the kind of work you need to do, then realize that dream. Keep in mind that this is your first step to reaching that Mercedes. There is an inner satisfaction inside you when you achieve your first short term goal and this keeps motivating you how capable you are to reach your long term goal which is your bigger dream. This way you keep running faster and faster with no disappointments holding you back. 

I did this for myself and reached few of my short term goals already, my motivation is still up high, I have the satisfaction in me with no disappointments but still keeping in mind my real expectations, it works for me so far, it might work for you as well, worth the try I believe. Hope this gives some of you a food for thought or another way to reach your goals if you haven’t been able to with your current ways. 

Till my next writing..

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