Communication Is The Key
27 Mar 2022

Communication Is The Key

In a life as a recruiter, I come across many different characters of people which I have mainly divided into two major groups, one who can communicate and one who cannot. Why do I only categorize communication as the benchmark, because is this where people mostly misjudge someone. Some people may appear very well-spoken to you in the beginning and turn out to be a bad performer, what you bought was what he said, what you get is what he does and vice versa. Some people may appear not able to say what he does but does even what he doesn’t say, but would you know when to give a chance to this kind of people?

In business life, I get very disappointed to those who doesn’t inform me things, things that is going to result bad for me, things that I wont like. When these things are informed in advance, we would appreciate and can take actions. For instance, any interview schedule that we arrange for our candidate to meet with our clients, if the candidate had informed even at last moment that something happened and he couldn’t turn up, we could still save our and his name and inform the client before the client complains. But some people don’t have that decency to do so and causes troubles for everyone. We also think that these kind of people don’t understand the ethics and the professionalism in business. I think we are wrong, they just are not good communicators. I am sure somewhere they wanted to inform us but didn’t know how or what to say, although most of them are sometimes irresponsible, I personally feel if they are good communicators they would be willing to inform and explain and make things easy and clear for everyone.

Another case that we normally have is the candidates withdrawing in the middle or at the end of the process or even a day before the join date, without informing. I always tell my consultants, build your communication with them, so there is no gap and no information missing, it is very important for us to become good communicators even when the candidates are not, because this might help them feel more comfortable therefore communicate better.

Its funny that as a recruiter we sometimes can detect lie in our interviews, whether someone is really telling the truth or is not sometimes just comes to us like that as an instinct, the benefit of interviewers meeting so many people in our daily lives that is. We ask so many questions and receive so many answers and can determine which one is ok or not. However, we can still be wrong, if we face a good communicator. A person that has good communication skills would be able to sell himself, would be able to make the other person believe whatever he says, as the confidence is there.

This goes also for communication with clients in any kind of business. If you can speak it up, problems can be detected, right solutions can be given and your customer stays with you forever. If you lose your customer even once, fear not, you need to improve your communication skills. Learn from where the miscommunication happened and improve on your next one. Dont worry so much on the problem or the concern, with communication everything can be rebuilt and remade including relations with past clients.

Well to all you business starters, professionals, anyone out there reading this.. Lets be a good communicator so we become more efficient and happier as a people. Communicate well means more ethical, more professionalism and definitely leads to more success.

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